‘Momentum’ is an attempt to aggregate timeless principles for creating and growing robust, sovereign businesses.

I’m Sean, and as the founder of Betabox Learning I’ve been collecting lessons in entrepreneurship both from success and failure.

As any high-school physics teacher will tell you — Momentum is a measure of the amount, direction, and speed of a moving object. Its equation, p = mv, serves as a useful analogy applicable to the building of businesses.

My hope in documenting my lessons learned is that other founders may be apply to apply these principles in their own businesses to improve in some of the following areas:

  • Increasing valuation through productization

  • Understanding and optimizing your unit economics

  • Surviving black swan events with solid cash management

  • Boosting profit per employee

  • Maintaining a calm mind as a founder

  • Achieving product/market/founder fit

  • Escaping ‘founder-lock-in syndrome’

If any of those are relevant to you, consider a subscription to Momentum as a first step in leveling up as a founder.